Mycopigments With Alissa Allen

I was surprised to learn that you can dye the entire spectrum of the rainbow with mushrooms.  All you have to do is add the proper mordant and adjust the PH levels.  The legendary Alissa Allen was in Los Angeles, teaching a class on dying with mushrooms, recently.  Here are some photos from that day.  To learn more about mycopigments, visit Alissa's website:

This is wool dyed from various foraged mushrooms from California.  

Foraged Omphalotus Olearius mushroom from the Santa Monica Mountains.

Dried Omphalotus - ready for the dye bath

Mushrooms and Lichen in the dye bath.  The neon yellow lichen is the Wolf Lichen.  It is my favorite, although you must be ethical about harvesting lichen.  Where a mushroom is the fruit of the organism, the lichen IS the organism.  Only collect lichens that have fallen to the ground.  

 Voila!  Success in the dye bath!