DIY Renegade and Extreme DIY Film Making

I had the privilege to work on a darkly comedic, laugh-out-loud-funny, film called, “Chatty Catties.”  This little gem of a film, starring a judgmental, talking cat,voiced by an actor with hearing impairment, is D.I.Y. film making to the extreme.  Writer and director, Pablo Valencia along with producer, Cecilia Curran only had a $6,800 shooting budget.  They did every thing themselves, from the production design, catering, post production, marketing and expert cat wrangling.  I did the costume design using clothes that Cecilia purchased as well as a lot of pieces from my own closet.  We even decorated the sets with paintings from friends.  I hope everyone can see this movie, not only because it is fantastic, but because it raises the bar in feature films for what can be accomplished with a little ingenuity and some good friend karma.

Uodate:  Chatty Catties is the Fipreschi Prize Winner!

“Chatty Catties” is set for its sold out, world premiere May 30th and 31st at the Seattle International Film Festival.  For more information go to  or follow the film on twitter @

Pablo Valencia directing Megan on the last scene.

Megan, me, Cecilia and Leonard, the famous talking cat, on the set after the party scene.