Mung Bean Chilli

This is Multi-Dimensional dish that you can serve several different ways.  It's great for busy families.  This food can keep at least 3 days in the fridge.  You can make a ton of this chilli at once. Then, over the course of a few days, serve it to your family in all of its different incarnations.  You would be surprised how the addition of goat cheese one day, then ketchup the next, can totally transform the flavors.  It leaves you believing that you have experienced a world wind of culinary variety.

Crumble some goat cheese on top and imagine yourself in a Swiss Chalet after a long day of skiing.

Add water and serve it with a side salad.

Cook more of the water off and serve it between some multi grain buns.

This is my new favorite.  Take the firmed, cooled, Sloppy Joe chilli and mix in some whole wheat flour to make a patty.  Fry it on medium heat in coconut oil.  Serve it the way you like it: ketchup, goat cheese, sautéed onions? etc....


Mung Beans
Pumkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
3 Tomatos
1/4 Onion
1 to 2 Jalapeños
Chilli Powder (I use TONS - but use judgement)
1 Carrot (to reduce acidity)
Lemon Juice (just a little)
Black Pepper
Salt (I like it salty)

Cook the Mung Beans, Quinoa and Rice together until soft.  I cook it slow for a long time.  Then add the rest of the vegetables except the carrot.  I add the carrot in during the last wave of stewing so that it reduces the acidity but stays firm.  If the carrot gets mushy it lends its flavor to the dish more than I want it to.  I also remove the skin from the tomatoes once they are stewed and soft.

*I have cooked mung beans, rice and quinoa in the fridge at all times because those three elements are the base of most of the meals that I consume.